Contemporary Utah Artists


Seven painters of the forefront of the state's 21st-century art movement




UTAH Andrew Skorut When Andrew Skorut was 18, he moved to Utah from Krakow, Poland, and brought with him a long-standing interest in art. He enrolled in for a spell at Salt Lake Community College and later at the University of Utah, where he studied with David Dornan. His visually arresting landscapes blend traditional and abstract styles, and that is a conscious effort, he explains. "I’m always trying to keep a balance between the abstract and an image that can be recognizable," he says. His mission is to crate a poetic vision of a scene, not to depict it literally. "I make up my own compositions in my imagination," he says. Like many Utah artists, Skorut feels a special affinity for the state’s varied terrain. His continually inspired by the plethora of mountains , valley, and desert landscapes. "Utah is like a big huge picture dictionary where you can find anything- a place where there is endless subject matter to paint," he says. Skorut is represented by Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, CA, Park City, UT and New York, NY; Mountain Trails Gallery, Jackson, WY; Kneeland Gallery, Ketchum, ID; Contemporary Southwest Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; and Third Canyon Gallery, Denver, CO.-BG