Although my paintings initially appear to be simple landscapes, further study shows them to be as abstract as they are representational. It is this combination that inspires me. I believe in the importance of the immediate visual impact of a painting – a recognizable image, a combination of colors, or the overall composition. Yet I also believe that deeper, truer meanings should lie beneath the surface, giving the viewer an opportunity to embark upon a personal voyage of discovery. It is my aim to make this journey as stimulating as possible by my own techniques of employing complex processes to apply the paint. This leads to many different levels of interpretation, allowing a simple landscape to take on a new identity within a complex framework of abstractions. Landscapes dominate the subject matter of my work simply because they have always surrounded my life. Using the landscape as a filter, I bring to my paintings anything and everything that excites me, whether this is a new combination of colors, the composition of different elements, or the interrelationship between many different aspects of the painting. Drawing from my life experiences in Poland, Utah, and other places I have traveled to, my paintings are a union of diverse landscapes and the changing emotions that they evoke. The essence of my painting lies in the method of creation, a method that is both direct and indirect, and that entails applying paint, then glaze, then repeating the process until I achieve the desired effect. I like to scratch into the layers of paint with sticks, rags, or other implements to reveal concealed depths. I am always looking for new ways of applying paint – for me, brushes and palette knives alone are too limiting and speak too clearly of the process involved. I like to include materials that leave interesting marks on the surface of the painting, marks that are as interesting in themselves as what they represent.